Ultimate Memorial Website Package


Our Ultimate Memorial Package is designed to provide an exceptionally personalised and immersive tribute to your loved one. This package includes all the features of our Basic and Premium packages and much more.

The Ultimate Memorial Package begins with a personalised URL, creating a unique online space where friends and family can gather to remember, mourn, and celebrate the life of your loved one. An interactive guest book invites visitors to share their condolences, memories, and messages of support, fostering a sense of community during these challenging times.

A standout feature of the Ultimate Package is the video tribute section. This feature allows you to upload multiple videos, providing a dynamic and touching way to remember your loved one. From home movies to clips from special occasions, these visuals can bring comfort and spark joyful memories.

The unlimited photo uploads feature lets you create a comprehensive visual journey through your loved one’s life, sharing countless moments and milestones with family and friends. The music playlist feature adds another layer of personalization to the memorial, allowing you to share your loved one’s favourite songs or music that reminds you of them.

The Ultimate Package also includes a timeline of life events. This feature provides a visual and engaging overview of their life story, highlighting significant moments, achievements, and experiences in chronological order.

Another unique feature of the Ultimate Package is the online candle lighting feature, which allows visitors to light a virtual candle in honor of your loved one, adding a traditional and poignant element of remembrance to the digital memorial.

The virtual reality tour feature enables you to create a virtual walkthrough of your loved one’s favourite places or significant locations in their life. This innovative feature offers a deeply immersive and touching way to remember and honor them.

With the family tree feature, you can visually represent your loved one’s lineage, connecting their life within the broader family history. This is a beautiful way to honor not just the individual, but the connections and relationships that shaped them.

The Ultimate Package allows you to upload documents that were meaningful to your loved one – letters, certificates, written memories, and more – adding another layer of depth and personalization to the memorial.

With advanced privacy settings, you have control over who can view and interact with the memorial, ensuring it remains a respectful and safe place for remembrance.

The Ultimate Package includes lifetime hosting, providing the assurance that the memorial will always be there – a lasting tribute that can be visited by future generations.

In addition, this package offers dedicated customer support to assist you whenever needed.

In essence, our Ultimate Memorial Package creates an all-encompassing, immersive, and deeply personal online memorial that truly celebrates your loved one’s life and legacy. It provides a wealth of features designed to help you share their story, connect with others, and find comfort in memories.


Our Ultimate Memorial Package is the most comprehensive, offering advanced features for a fully personalized experience. It includes everything in the Premium Package, plus:

  • Virtual reality tour of favourite places or significant locations
  • Family tree feature
  • Ability to upload documents (e.g., letters, certificates, etc.)
  • Advanced privacy settings
  • Lifetime hosting
  • Dedicated customer support

Example of site: https://celebratingdavid.com/


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