Premium Memorial Website Package


Our Premium Memorial Package goes beyond the basics to offer a more engaging and interactive online memorial experience. It encompasses everything included in the Basic Memorial Package, along with several valuable additional features.

Starting with a personalised URL, this package allows you to create a unique and easily accessible online space dedicated to your loved one. The interactive guest book feature provides a platform for visitors to share their condolences, memories, and messages of support, creating a communal atmosphere of remembrance and healing.

One of the standout features of the Premium Package is the video tribute feature. This allows you to upload up to three videos, offering a dynamic and touching way to remember your loved one. Whether it’s home movies, clips from special occasions, or a compiled video tribute, these visuals can bring comfort and spark joyful memories during a difficult time.

The Premium Package also offers unlimited photo uploads. This feature allows you to create a comprehensive visual journey through your loved one’s life, sharing countless moments and milestones with family and friends.

The music playlist feature adds another layer of personalization to the memorial. Music has a unique way of expressing emotions and evoking memories, and this feature allows you to share your loved one’s favourite songs, or music that reminds you of them.

A timeline of life events gives you the opportunity to map out the significant moments, achievements, and experiences in your loved one’s life in chronological order. This interactive timeline provides a visual and engaging overview of their life story.

The online candle lighting feature allows visitors to light a virtual candle in honor of your loved one, adding a traditional and poignant element of remembrance to the digital memorial.

With two years of hosting included, the Premium Memorial Package ensures that the memorial site remains a reliable place of comfort and remembrance for a longer period.

In essence, our Premium Memorial Package is designed to create a rich, interactive, and deeply personal online memorial for your loved one. It’s about honoring their memory in a way that feels true to their life and spirit, providing comfort and connection for all who visit.


The Premium Memorial Package provides an expanded suite of features to create a more engaging and interactive memorial. It includes everything in the Basic Package, plus:

  • Video tribute feature (up to 3 videos)
  • Unlimited photo uploads
  • Music playlist feature
  • Timeline of life events
  • Online candle lighting feature
  • Hosting for 2 years

Example of site:


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