Basic Memorial Website Package


Our Basic Memorial Package offers a respectful and fitting tribute to your loved one’s memory. Designed with simplicity, elegance, and usability in mind, it provides an online space where friends and family can come together to remember, grieve, and support one another.

The package includes a personalized URL, providing a unique online address that reflects your loved one’s name or a special phrase that encapsulates their life. This makes it easy for people to find and share the memorial page.

An interactive guest book is a key feature of this package. Visitors can leave messages, share condolences, recount memories, and express their feelings. This interactive element allows for a communal experience of remembrance, helping everyone touched by the loss to feel less alone in their grief.

A photo gallery allows you to display up to 50 cherished photographs. Visuals serve as powerful reminders of the joy, love, and unique character traits that defined your loved one’s life. Sharing these images can bring comfort and spark conversations about happy memories.

The life story and obituary section provide space to detail your loved one’s journey through life, their accomplishments, their passions, and the impact they had on those around them. This written tribute is a beautiful way to honor them and inform visitors about their life story.

With this package, we offer one year of hosting, ensuring that the memorial site remains accessible for relatives and friends to visit and reminisce or for individuals who could not attend the funeral services to pay their respects.

Our Basic Memorial Package is a thoughtful, accessible, and lasting way to honor your loved one’s memory, providing a comforting presence during the grieving process and beyond.


Our Basic Memorial Package offers a beautifully designed and easy-to-navigate memorial page. It includes:

  • A personalized URL
  • An interactive guest book for visitors to leave messages, condolences, and memories
  • Photo gallery (up to 50 photos)
  • Life story and obituary section
  • Hosting for 1 year

    Example of site:


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