Avalon Healing is a distinguished brand dedicated to the creation of organic wellbeing products, designed with the purpose of providing comfort, solace and healing to those going through bereavement. Crafted from natural ingredients, each product is a testament to Avalon Healing’s commitment to holistic wellness and empathetic care.

The brand draws its inspiration from the powerful work of the Avalon Healing Center, a renowned organization that provides comprehensive services to survivors of sexual violence, promoting healing and empowerment. Just as the center serves as a beacon of hope and restoration, Avalon Healing aims to bring about tranquility and recovery through their range of organic wellbeing products.

From soothing balms and calming oils to therapeutic teas and comforting accessories, every item in Avalon Healing’s collection is created with intention, embodying the brand’s mission to facilitate healing in times of grief. Each product is a gentle reminder that even in moments of profound loss, there is a path towards healing and peace. Avalon Healing is not just a brand, but a companion in your journey towards recovery.



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We are dedicated to providing a compassionate and nurturing space for individuals navigating the complexities of loss and seeking holistic healing. With a focus on promoting mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, our resources, community, and curated product recommendations aim to empower individuals to embrace their grief journey, find strength in shared experiences, and discover effective self-care practices.



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