Our story

OUR HERITAGE: Rooted in Tradition, Growing with Time

We take immense pride in our rich heritage that spans over three decades. Our humble beginnings trace back to a small family-run business, built on the values of trust, quality, and customer satisfaction. Over time, we have grown into a brand recognised nationwide, yet our commitment to these core values remains unwavering.

Through the years, we have adapted to the changing needs of our customers, incorporating modern technology while preserving our traditional craftsmanship. Our journey is a testament to our resilience, adaptability, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

WHO WE ARE: A Symphony of Skills and Passion

Our team is our greatest asset. Led by, Gary a visionary with over 20 years of industry experience, we are a diverse group of talented individuals united by a common purpose.

Gary’s strategic leadership, complemented by Sharon’s creative genius, has been instrumental in our growth. Sharon, with her keen eye for aesthetics and detail, has helped shape our unique product line.

Our dedicated employees, each an expert in their respective fields, bring their unique skills and passion to the table. Together, we strive to deliver the best to our valued customers.

OUR MISSION: Catering to You, With You

At the heart of our mission is you – our customer. We aim to provide products that not only meet your needs but also resonate with your lifestyle and preferences.

Our unique selling proposition lies in our personalised approach. We believe that each of our customers is unique, and this belief drives us to create products that are as unique as you are.

Our goal is to not just provide products; we aim to build relationships, foster a sense of community, and create an enriching shopping experience. We remain committed to our mission of delivering quality, fostering trust, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Your needs inspire our innovations, and your satisfaction fuels our passion.

Join us on this journey. Let’s grow together.

Customer services

Returns And Refunds

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please return it to us for a full refund.

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Discover useful advice and handy tips about what to consider before you buy.

Ordering & Payment

All the major UK credit and debit cards you can use when shopping online at Forever Memory

Product Guarantee

At our store, we stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of our products. Therefore, we offer a robust product guarantee to ensure our customers’ complete satisfaction.

Privacy And Security

We respect your privacy and have outlined how we make sure the information you submit remains safe and secure.

Terms And Conditions

Full details of the terms and conditions of sale for items purchased on Forever Memory

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